Nantucket Ice Community Rink — A Year-Round Ice Skating Destination

May 03, 2023

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Nantucket Ice is a charitable ice skating facility that provides different recreational opportunities for both islanders and visitors. It was founded in 1995 by a group of local residents who recognized the need for a community ice rink. The facility was built using individual donations and the help of volunteers and has since become a popular community resource.

Today, Nantucket Ice is a state-of-the-art skating facility offering various programs and services. The facility has a large 24-hour ice rink, a heated spectator area, a pro shop, and a concession stand. Its ice skating programs include classes to learn to ice skate, ice hockey leagues, figure skating lessons, and public skating sessions. They are now adapting it to be a good space for hosting events on a platform that covers the ice.

The facility is open to skaters of all ages and abilities and offers a variety of adaptive skating programs for people with disabilities. These programs include Sled Hockey, which allows people with disabilities to play ice hockey on special sleds, and Adaptive Ice, designed to meet the unique needs of people with cognitive or physical disabilities.

Another important aspect of Nantucket Ice is its community outreach program. The facility works with local schools and organizations to provide free or discounted ice skating programs to underserved communities on the island. Additionally, the facility hosts fundraisers and charity skating to support local causes and organizations. Another program in Nantucket Ice is the Learn to Skate program. It is designed for children ages 3 and up and helps children develop confidence and coordination as they learn to skate. The facility’s youth hockey program is also popular with families on the island, with teams for children ages five through eighteen.

For those looking for a more competitive ice skating experience, Nantucket Ice offers a variety of adult hockey leagues and figure skating programs. The facility’s Adult Hockey League is popular with islanders and attracts players of all skill levels. Moreover,  throughout the year, there are figure skating competitions and exhibitions featuring figure skaters from across the region.

Nantucket Ice further offers a range of community events and activities. The facility hosts birthday parties and private events and offers private skating rinks for individuals and groups. It also hosts special events throughout the year, such as Ice skating with Santa, which is very popular during Christmas. Nantucket Ice’s proceeds are used to support the facility’s programs and services.

The non-profit facility is committed to sustainability. It is powered by a rooftop solar array that provides renewable energy and reduces the facility’s carbon footprint. Additionally, it uses highly efficient ice-making systems that minimize water and energy consumption.

The facility’s commitment to sustainability shows its dedication to the island’s best interests. Moreover, Nantucket Ice’s board of directors is made up of community members dedicated to ensuring the facility remains a valuable resource for islanders and visitors.