Nantucket Interiors by Margot Montgomery: Timeless Elegance

July 12, 2023

Nantucket Interiors is a design firm that operates from the serene island of Nantucket, situated off the coast of Massachusetts. Margot Montgomery founded and ran the firm. She is a talented and passionate designer who creates timeless interiors which perfectly represent Nantucket’s unique character while blending classic New England style with a coastal feel.

Margot Montgomery lives in Nantucket and has more than 30 years of experience working in Nantucket. She has a lifetime of expertise and experience as she was raised in the design industry in New England. Thus, she brings a wealth of knowledge to every project she handles.

Creating beautiful and livable spaces is the main focus of Nantucket Interiors. Margot and her team attentively listen and seek to understand clients’ needs and preferences. They then work with them and use the information gained to create designs that reflect each client’s personality and lifestyle.

Margot creates simple and elegant designs, hence functional and beautiful spaces. She mainly aims to create creative, comfortable, and satisfying interior designs, as she believes good design improves people’s lives and happiness. Her designs use natural materials, soft colors, and coastal-inspired elements that show the island’s heritage.

Nantucket Interiors’ portfolio showcases various projects, ranging from charming beachside cottages to luxurious coastal estates. Margot’s attention to detail is also evident in the custom pieces she designs, working with local artisans and craftsmen to create unique, one-of-a-kind pieces that add character and personality to her interiors. Together, they carefully attend to every detail regarding the design process. From furniture placement to selecting fabrics and finishes, they ensure that every detail is thoughtfully considered.

Margot’s commitment to sustainability and eco-friendly materials sets Nantucket Interiors apart from other design firms. She sources locally whenever possible, using materials and resources native to the island, and prioritizes eco-friendly materials in all her designs.

Moreover, Margot strongly emphasizes good communication with her clients. She works closely with her clients for them to feel heard and understood, as she understands that the design process can be overwhelming.

Nantucket Interiors is dedicated beyond creating visually pleasing interior designs, aiming to exceed their client’s expectations. They have a team of experts who offer professional design guidance, technical knowledge, and seamless installation to ensure that every aspect of the design process is executed accordingly. For more information, visit their website.