Nantucket Knotworks: Superb Hand-crafted Sailor’s Knotwork

May 02, 2023

  • Location: 5 Milestone Crossing, Nantucket, MA 02554, US
  • Contact: 508-228-7107
  • Website:

Are you seeking the best hand-crafted sailor’s Knotwork on Nantucket Island? The Nantucket Knotworks remains your best option. Operational for over 25 years, the design company uses original materials for the most authentic outcome. It takes pride in offering unique, usable products for the longest time.

Founded and owned by Charity Benz, Nantucket Knotworks produces a wide range of handcrafted products. Whether you are looking for bracelets, assorted key rings, coasters, bottle stoppers, or wristbands, you can always find them in their catalog.

The shop also allows you to make unusual requests with ideas of what you wish to make. For example, you can request a napkin ring with a wedding theme. The team at Nantucket Knotworks is always willing to partner with their customers and bring their ideas to life. They have exceptional artistry and experience to deliver even the toughest creative ideas.

While various entities have tried to copy the Knotworks designs over the years, most people prefer the original due to their unrivaled quality. The bracelets are made with custom specifications to align with customer needs. They can also withstand various conditions that make them ideal for wearing full-time.

Nantucket Knotworks has partnered with retail outlets like The Sunken Ship,1856 Country Store, and The Toy Boat to help sell its products. Nonetheless, it also allows consumers to make direct orders and special requests.