Nantucket Summer Camps

June 24, 2023

Your kids are guaranteed the best time of their lives in Nantucket, especially during summer. You can enroll them in various summer camps, where they will meet their peers and have a fun holiday.

Which are the best summer camps in Nantucket? We answer this question by providing you with the finest camps on the island that your kids will love.

1. Murray Camp Nantucket

Starting our list is Murray Camp, which has been operational since 1989. It caters to children aged 4-14 seeking to enhancetheir social, academic, and physical needs. This camp acknowledges that each child has different needs and works with this informationto boost their gifts.

A 35-year experience backs up Murray Camp Nantucket. Your child will enjoy every moment at this camp as they grow physically and mentally. The center has a strong reputation for having the best environment for kids, which will have them craving for the next summer camp.

Your kids will make new friends and learn life skills from the enthusiastic staff. The camp is under the keen eye of its founder, Mary Murray, an educational psychologist. Additionally, Murray Camp complies with Massachusetts Department of Public Health regulations, assuring your children’s safety.

2. Strong Wings Adventure Summer Camp

This camp partners with the community, notably Nantucket Public Schools to offer the ultimate summer experience. It has different programs for various age groups.

The First Explorers camp is for kids aged 4-7 and is organized into three groups. 4-year-olds are Minnows, 5-year-olds fall under Sharks while 6–7-year-olds are Hawks. Activities include rock climbing, water games, and arts and crafts.

Their youngest cycling program, the Young Explorers camp, is jam-packed with exciting activities, consisting of on-site activities like rock climbing and a ropes course, or bicycling to nearby places where campers can investigate, take part in cooperative activities, and play games.

The Extreme Explorers camp is for 10-11-year-olds, whereby each day has a different challenge to make things fun. Activities include biking, disc golf, fort building, and many more. Kids aged 12-13 years fall under the Warrior category, and their activities include gardening, rock climbing, and high ropes courses.

Finally, there is the Champions group for the older kids aged 14 to 15. Champions take on more intense activities like paddle boarding, archery, and wakeboarding. The camp opens at 9 am and closes at 3:30 pm.

3. Nantucket Surfari Camp

Nantucket’s beaches are perfect for surfing and attract many surfers throughout the year. If your young one is interested in surfing, you should enroll them in the Nantucket Surfari Camp. It is an ideal place for your kid’s summer holidays, as they can learn a new skill, especially if they love a dose of adrenaline.

The surfing lessons take place in Ladies Beach, four days a week, from 9 am to 12 pm.

4. Camp Lighthouse

The Nantucket Lighthouse School has a summer camping program for kids aged 4-12. The play-based camping program is open to all kids, aiming to encourage socialization and provide creative experiences.

The kids are in the safe hands of the staff, who do their best to ensure that your children have fun. You should enroll early for the 2023 season. Also, keep in mind that Nantucket Lighthouse School families pay a lower rate for the camp.

5. Nantucket Boys and Girls Club

Priding itself as a premier youth organization, Nantucket Boys and Girls Club boasts a large facility serving more than 1200 children yearly. You can sign up your children from 5 all the way to 18 years old in the summer camp.

Nantucket Boys and Girls Club empowers children in academics, character, citizenship, health, and other areas. Your kids will emerge from the program with sound behavior and high independence.

Safety is a priority in this facility, with several measures in place in case of an emergency. A 22-member staff is in charge of the camp’s operations. Nantucket High School students and other parties also help with the facility’s affairs.

Your kid may love several programs offered by Nantucket Boys and Girls Club. The program categories are educational, arts, character and leadership, workforce readiness, and sports and recreation.

6. ACK Surf School Beach Camp

As mentioned earlier, Nantucket is an ideal surfing hub, with several surfing schools dotting its beaches. ACK Surf School is among the notable surfing schools in Nantucket and is the brainchild of Gaven Norton, an avid surfer and Nantucket native.

This school has a beach camp, which your children may love. The camp lasts for five days, and attendees have an opportunity to improve their wave-riding skills. Other activities are boogie boarding, swimming, and beach games.

The camp runs for three hours, from 9 am to noon. The camp package includes boards, a wetsuit, and an instructor.

7. Artists Association of Nantucket

Is your child into arts? If yes, you can nurture their talent by registering them for art classes at the Artists Association of Nantucket. This organization offers art education to students of all levels and operates throughout the year.

Your artistic child will love the eco-friendly visual arts center, home to several studios dealing with various media like drawing, ceramics, and painting. The art classes are for children aged 2-18 and adults. You should check the organization’s schedule before enrollment.

8. Sankaty Head Caddie Camp

Sankaty Head Caddie Camp has been operating since 1930 and takes pride in being among the last caddie camps in the world. It is a controlled camp setting and is open for young men in 8th to 10th grade.

Accepted applicants have the chance to grow and learn crucial virtues like honesty, integrity, loyalty, self-responsibility, and more. Besides growth, the campers can become excellent caddies in the future or be Camp Senior Staff.

Discipline is crucial for the caddies as they carry out assigned duties around the camp. Additionally, the campers should stick around until late August, and those who leave early will risk not being invited back in the future.

Perks of attending Sankaty Head Caddie camp include payment for the caddying services. Campers who have completed two years at the center are eligible for the Sankaty Head Foundation scholarships.

Encourage your son(s) to apply early to get the opportunity.

9. Seafari Girls Camp

Seafari Girls Camp embodies girl power. It is an art, science, and adventure camp for girls aged 6-9. The primary mission of Seafari Girls Camp is to provide a safe camping experience filled with fun and adventure.

This camp helps nurture your young girls’ personalitie and build their self-confidence. The girls spend most of the day engaging in exciting projects and exploring the wonders of Nantucket. They also swim and play by the beach, make friends, and learn the importance of keeping the environment clean.

The camp will run for seven weeks this summer, from Monday to Thursday, between 9 am and 3 pm.

10. Maria Mitchell Association Summer Camp

Most kids and young adults learn well through exploration, providing enjoyable hands-on experience. Maria Mitchell Association acknowledges this fact and has a summer camp targeting exploration.

The summer camp targets 5-16-year-olds, who fall into different categories. The groupings are the Wee Explorers for ages 5-6, Habitat Hoppers for 7-9-year-olds, and Eco-Investigators for 10-12-year-olds. Others are Junior Historians and Junior Astronomers for kids aged 7-11 and Teen Naturalists for older kids aged 13-16.

Your kids will have fun making new friends and engaging in snorkeling, beach exploration, wetland studies, art projects, and more. Please note that camp registration is open only to members of the Maria Mitchell Association. Become a member of the association and sign up your kid for the summer camp.

Final Word

Camps are an excellent way for kids to spend their free time. They help the young establish independence, a sense of responsibility, and social skills at an early age. Highlighted are Nantucket summer camps that your children might enjoy. Pick a suitable one to nurture their talents and help their maturity.