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How to Make Perfect Nantucket Window Boxes
September 19, 2022
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Nantucket is an island with plenty of beautiful sites and sights. Among those sights are the exquisite window boxes that adorn many windows on almost every house on the island. The locals use them to showcase their creativity and create a warm atmosphere in their homes.

Unlike standard window boxes, Nantucket window boxes are made using copper. Why copper? You might ask. The idea came from a Nantucket native called James, who noticed too many remains of copper sheets from various jobs in his workshop. He thought those would look great and last long if he used them to make flower boxes.

At first glance, it can be difficult to figure out how to make such boxes. This guide will come in handy in teaching you how to create these window boxes for your home.

How to Make the Perfect Flower Box

A Good Flower Box

Unlike regular flower boxes, copper flower boxes are longer-lasting and can handle all the seasons for ages to come. However, they are not just manufactured by anyone, as it is not easy to mold copper. The Nantucket Flower Box Company has made it its mission to supply quality flower boxes.

You can get a ready-made box or get one customized to your specifications. These boxes are made to hold more storage water at the bottom instead of drowning the flowers with water, making it easy for even novice flower keepers to use.

Moreover, the boxes can withstand the Nantucket patina and seasons all year round without rusting or wearing away.

Quality Soil

Aside from the flower box, the soil is essential for making a flower box. You want to get quality soil to nourish and help your plants grow. If you do not have knowledge in this area, feel free to ask experts for recommendations on the best soil in the area. You will require the correct soil blend for your flowers to ensure they get proper nutrition.

You also need to ensure the soil has proper drainage. Soil with too much water retention can harm your flowers. A planter with numerous holes can help with the drainage problem. This allows water to filter through without clogging the soil.

Flower Variety

An ideal flower box is vibrant and has the most attractive flowers that create a happy and pleasant atmosphere. To replicate this, you might need to do a little shopping and find the flowers that attract you the most. You can even ask farmers or gardeners for recommendations.

If you are a risk-taker, get different flowers and try them out, separately and together, to see which combination suits you the most. You will be surprised that even combinations you did not think going together can make the most wonderful flower boxes.


Lighting is important because it helps your flowers grow. Make sure your flower box is located in an area with adequate sunlight.

Nevertheless, even though sunlight is necessary, some flowers do not do well under direct sunlight for hours on end. So, ensure you know all about the flowers you are planting and their needs.

Be creative

Do not just stick to one flower or plant throughout the years. Let your creativity shine through, and try out different plant and flower combinations. Find what color combination works great and what plants have the same needs so you can grow them together within the season.

You can also go for flower styles and colors that match your home’s décor and switch them out according to the seasons — experiment to your heart’s content!

Find Inspiration

Sometimes your creativity might run out, or you might just be tired of coming up with new ideas all the time. If this happens to you, you can turn to numerous other sources for inspiration.

Subscribe to a gardening magazine, talk to your friends and neighbors, or even derive inspiration from nature itself. Anything can be a source of inspiration, and it is up to you to take the initiative. Use whatever information is available to you to create the perfect flower box.


Because the flower boxes will hang outside your window, they will be exposed to all weather elements throughout the year. Position your flower box, so it gets all the necessary sunlight and water, but not where these same factors can overwhelm them.

There is no need to shift the flower box from time to time depending on the seasons; simply find the perfect position from the beginning.

The positioning is necessary, especially on rainy days when the rainwater can affect the soil and damage your flowers.


The soil, flower arrangement, drainage, and copper flower box will not serve their intended purpose if you do not maintain them. You have to take maintenance measures for your flower box to look vibrant and gay; you cannot afford to skip any steps.

Constantly check on the soil drainage and the water consistency to ensure your plants are getting the right amount of water. You can use your finger or trowel to check whether the soil is still moist. Do this even in those rainy months. Your flowers might be getting too much or too little water. Make sure they get an adequate amount of water all year round.

Additionally, put your gardening shears to good use; you might need to trim some flowers and plants to help them grow more. Do this whenever they show signs of drooping or overgrowing.

You will also need to regularly fertilize the soil to ensure the plants get the necessary nutrients.

Final Word

Flower boxes are not only the perfect outside decor for your house but also an extension of your creativity. Take measures to ensure you get a proper flower box, fill it with quality soil, and ensure adequate drainage.

Don’t forget to pay attention to their maintenance no matter what you do. Above all, enjoy yourself. Find different patterns that make you happy and let your flower boxes evolve.