Top 7 Places to Learn and Practice Yoga in Nantucket

May 02, 2023

One of the most relieving things you can do in Nantucket is yoga. Besides making you flexible and stronger, yoga can make you feel more alert and focused. It also helps remedy poor blood circulation, lower back pain, stress, and depression.

Nantucket is home to many fitness and yoga centers. These facilities offer diverse yoga classes and programs to suit your mental and physical needs. Here are some of the yoga studios in Nantucket all year round:

1. Supta Yoga

Located at 9 Amelia Drive, Supta Yoga operates as a community-centered yoga studio. Besides offering a dynamic expression of yoga, it honors deep-rooted traditions and techniques.

Supta Yoga’s mission is to inspire people through diverse yoga practices. Instructors at the facility teach yoga as part of a preventative healing program. Their goal is to promote active engagement and self-care through a healthy lifestyle.

Classes at this studio focus on safe alignment in intelligently sequenced and graceful Vinyasa and Hatha-styled practices. They also emphasize restorative and Yin yoga. All classes follow the 60, 75, and 90-minute formats in unwarmed and warmed (80-90°F) environments.

Supta Yoga aims to facilitate empowerment and healing through yoga. Their goal is also to foster a deeper connection to the community and oneself. While operating as a green studio, they focus on creating a positive environmental impact.

Their 2023 pricing model for class cards is as follows:

  • $27 for a single class
  • $72 for a 3 Class Card with a 1-month expiration
  • $200 for a 10 Class Card with a 6-month expiration
  • $360 for a 20-Class Card with a 6-month expiration

Supta Yoga’s unlimited memberships go for $185 and $345 for one month and two months, respectively. Their Year-Rounder Freedom Membership costs $145 annually and requires a 4-month minimum commitment. There’s also a Teachers Special (10 Class Card) priced at $120.

2. Dharma Yoga

In the secluded hayloft on 33 Bartlett Farm Road lies a spacious and beautiful yoga studio, Dharma Yoga. It’s noticeable by the wood paneling and large windows. The studio also offers private sessions to clients at Yoga Barn at 81 Somerset Road.

Dharma Yoga offers private and group classes and is open to individuals of all levels. There’s also a special aerial yoga class on a firm fabric hammock from the end of June to the beginning of September. The class focuses on tension release, balance, and decompression.

The rate for a single in-person class is $30. If you want to attend 10 classes in a row, expect to pay $230 (valid for 6 months). Though they require you to register in advance, all in-person sessions can be canceled twelve hours before the session.

For the online Zoom classes, expect to pay $19 for a single class. A 10-class card (with a 6-month expiration) costs $180, while a 20-class card (with a 1-year expiration) costs $320. You can also request Year Rounder Cards for year-round visits to the studio.

3. Yoga With a View

If you enjoy practicing yoga outdoors, you may want to check out Yoga With a View. Drop in on their Vinyasa class, which takes place on a beautifully-covered patio near a harbor. The classes are available to all skill levels and can be customized to suit your individual needs.

Before setting up Yoga With a View, Bettina Broer traveled across the world, learning and practicing yoga. She started practicing yoga on a Greek island in 1978 and got a yoga certification from Kripalu in 1995. Her travels to India, Mexico, and Rwanda also helped her develop and pass on her skills.

Yoga With a View’s sessions are held at the Bandstand at Children’s Beach. You can catch them from Monday to Saturday from 7:30 to 8:30 AM without a reservation.

A single session costs $25 for adults, $15 for kids, and $20 for teens. For a 10-pass ticket, you’ll spend $235. You can also rent a mat for $2 if you don’t have one.

4. The Nantucket Hotel

Conveniently located at 77 Easton Street, Nantucket, The Nantucket Club is a fully-featured recreational hub. It features fitness facilities, yoga classes, and a seasonally heated pool, among other amenities. All these amenities are accessible with daily, weekly, monthly, seasonal, and year-round memberships.

Patricia Doloff facilitates yoga classes at The Nantucket Hotel. They include Beginner, Advance Power Flow, Vinyasa, and Gentle. Patricia’s classes cater to all skill levels and focus on conditioning, balancing, stretching, and therapeutic breathing.

Each membership option at The Nantucket Hotel offers access to yoga and fitness classes. The membership options include

  • Full Family (year-round) priced at $12,338
  • Individual Full (year-round) priced at $6,169
  • Individual Gym &Class (year-round) that goes for $3,200

5. Paddle Nantucket

  • Location: Nantucket, Massachusetts 2554, US
  • Contact: 508-332-2546

Located at 99 Washington Street Extension, Paddle Nantucket is known for paddle boarding lessons, yoga and fitness classes, and deep tissue and sports massages.

The yoga studio focuses on restorative medicine, whereby the sessions target physical and mental healing to cultivate flexibility and strength. They also help improve external awareness and mindfulness.

The Vinyasa Flow class is available for everyone at any time upon request. It focuses on linking asanas or yoga poses together in a smooth way using breath-control techniques. You can also attend this class on Mondays at 10 AM with a Westmoor Club membership.

There’s also a Mellow Flow class focused on resistance training available anytime. Its goal is to blend breath and movement to cultivate posture alignment and mindfulness. The class also engages muscles and joints, which helps increase flexibility and strength.

Caitlin, the primary yoga instructor at the studio, utilizes her knowledge of physiology and anatomy in her classes. She uses circuit training, plyometrics, and movements to help clients achieve their wellness and fitness goals. You can book a Zoom session if you cannot attend her physical classes.

6. Yoga for Kids with Marjory

The program teaches yoga to kids to promote physical and mental health. It was born from Marjory’s extensive experience teaching kids art, acting, yoga, dance, and movement. Her experience designing and running classes, creative programs, and events for children and families inspired this program.

Marjory is a Registered Dance/Movement Therapist and Certified Laban Movement Analyst. She also holds a Master’s Degree in Dance Movement Therapy. Over the course of her extensive career, she has served as a dance therapist at an acute child/adolescent psychiatric unit and special needs preschools.

She mostly works with inter-generational groups looking to create, connect and play. Also, her programs cater to kids of all needs and talents.

The Yoga for Kids program explores yoga fundamentals through a set of practices. These practices include guided relaxation, interactive stories, Asana, and breath. As a fun and non-competitive program, it aims at improving flexibility, concentration, strength, and balance.

Yoga for Kids classes don’t require pre-registration and cost $24 per session. Parents or guardians can buy class cards with a special discount. Check the Yoga for Kids website for more information on the reduced prices.

Marjory also runs CircusYoga, which blends the consciousness of yoga with interactive play. The program helps foster trust, courage, and communication while strengthening children’s social skills.

7. Yoga By 1111

Located at 3 West Creek Road, Yoga By 1111 is a modern yoga studio focused on wellness and fitness. It is owned and managed by 1111 Nantucket Wellness LLC and features ample parking space and lockers.

The mid-island yoga studio boasts many yoga offerings, including unheated and heated flow classes. It also offers different types of meditation classes and sessions on yin and restorative healing.

Yoga By 1111’s classes include Heated Core Flow, Hot 26, Heated Yoga Sculpt, and Long & Lean. Other classes offered at the studio include BeatsBy1111, Yin, and Restorative.

The Heated Core Flow class features an infrared heated to 100 degrees and focuses on core work and flow. The Hot 26 class features an infrared heated to 105 degrees and focuses on flow, core work, and static holds.

Expect cardio, flow, and free weight circuits during the Heated Yoga Sculpt class equipped with a 92-degree heated infrared.

BeatsBy1111 takes place outdoors at Cisco Brewers, while the Long & Lean class takes place indoors with an emphasis on slow movements. The Restorative class is aimed at mediation and restorative healing, while the Yin class helps restore energy levels.

In the off-season, a drop-in pass costs $35, while a 5-class pack costs $145. The 10-class and 20-class packs go for $270 and $480, respectively. You can only cancel a pre-booked session up to 2 hours before it begins.

All purchases at the studio include a premium rental mat and hand towel for sweat. They also include a cold lavender eye cloth for the heated classes and a warm lavender eye cloth for the restorative classes.


Practicing yoga can get you in great shape for life while helping you deal with stress and preventing injury. As you get deeper into your practice, explore the options suggested in this guide for continued spiritual and mental benefits.