or, The Whale — Nantucket

April 10, 2023

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When titling his famous American novel, Herman Melville was split between two titles: “Moby Dick; or, The Whale.” Most people associate the all-time classic with the former; however, this eatery chose the latter.

This restaurant, bar, and outdoor terrace is open every day of the week, offering lunch, supper, and brunch on the weekends. It has a prestigious setting in a historic building on Main Street. The Whale is the ideal location for enjoying eating outside in downtown Nantucket. It is run by Emily Kelly, Jamie Lee Nass, Chef Manny Rojas, and Sandbar proprietors George Kelly and Nick Nass.

The bistro and bar feature a big outside patio, a recently remodeled dining area, and an oak bar with 22 seats. Additionally, they serve casual American food and provide unique drinks. Dining reservations can be made up to two weeks in advance for the indoor and outdoor dining areas, but bar seating is first come, first served.