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Looking for the Best Area to Live in? – Nantucket Neighborhoods
November 04, 2022
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The island has many cool neighborhoods that you can enjoy staying in, whether you are looking to get property or going for a summer visit.

It has everything, from a bustling town center, which is a great place to start a business, to quieter and more serene places where you can enjoy some peace and solitude.

No matter what your mission in Nantucket is, here are some of the island’s beautiful neighborhoods that have more than just breathtaking views to offer.


This is one of the most unique and beautiful parts of Nantucket. The area is close to the Nantucket harbor, and you can get a view of the Nantucket downtown skyline.

Monomoy also has the best place for water sports, with its still waters enabling all kinds of activities. It is also home to the best shellfish on the island.

It is a beautiful place to visit, especially in spring when you can see the marshes and creeks bloom, surrounded by a symphony of birdsong and tree frogs, together with the ferry sound.

Generally, the area is a serene spot to visit for a relaxing evening or day out, no matter the season.


If you are looking for a place to see the downtown skyline and the Nantucket coastline, then Wauwinet is the best place to be. You can see the skyline over the island’s stunning harbor and when you move just a few miles away you get to see miles of the coastline.

Houses in this neighborhood are between the sandy, meandering roads and the two water bodies.

Wauwinet is also home to the migrating Snowy Owls, whereby you can witness their migration during the winter months. Additionally, It is the best year-round fishing spot, especially at the Great Point cross rip.

Brant Point

This area is home to the lighthouse, which illuminates the harbor. The houses in the area are adorned with green lawns and a captivating shoreline, giving you a great view of the sailboats.

It is also a great place for family fun days, with the beaches in the area forming small waves that adults and children alike can enjoy swimming in. You can also get to any shop or restaurant from Brant Point by taking a bike ride or a short stroll into town.


The island ties in together at the town, portraying beautiful and historically preserved neighborhoods and walkways. The town features grey-shingled homes and box windows full of beautiful, blooming flowers, making it one of the most breathtaking places in Nantucket.

The historically preserved cobblestone streets lead you down to all kinds of adventures. It is especially ideal if you are looking for a place to take insane photos or live with your family.

The town is even more beautiful and full of life in summer when locals and tourists come out to spend long days basking in the sun and surfing the peaceful waters.

The Cliff

The Cliff is not only the highest point in town but also one of the most desired neighborhoods in Nantucket. It is adorned with beautiful, calm beaches, provides easy access to the town, and has its streets tree-lined, making it ideal for summer living.

The neighborhood is located on one of the high cliffs that look out to the whole island, giving you a great view of Nantucket.

To add on, its people are friendly, which gives you a sense of belonging. For leisure, you will have easy access to several restaurants and entertainment joints.

Edge of Town

If you want to stay away from the bustle of the main town but still need easy access and ample parking, the Edge of Town is the best place to stay. It has historic parks and soft rolling hills that give the area a historic feel. You can visit it for a relaxing day and catch up on your reading.

The area has quiet and safe neighborhoods. Although it is away from the town center, it is in close proximity to the downtown, where meandering bike paths connect you to it.


Getting away to Miacomet takes you to one of the island’s best-kept secrets. This is one of the best parts of Nantucket, with soft sandy beaches, sandy jeep roads, and a large pond that also connects to the area’s beach cottages.

You will get a lot of privacy in this area and can take up surfing on the nearby beaches.


With over 104 acres of conservation land, Dionis is home to wildflowers, songbirds, Osprey, and the Linda Loring Foundation.

This magical part of Nantucket comes to life in the summer, with the flowers in full bloom and a unique kind of algae that glows in the moonlight upon human contact. This creates phosphorescence in the water and lights it up for a truly magical look.

To create amazing memories, you can take a swim in the beach’s calm waters, enjoy a pleasant evening stroll, picnic, or swim while watching breathtaking sunsets.


Those who love surfing will love Cisco, the heart of Nantucket’s surf culture. The beach in this area has a sand bar that produces consistent waves, which everyone, pros and novice surfers alike, can enjoy.

The neighborhoods in this area are pristine and quiet, and it has a bike path that gives you access to the market at Bartlett Farm and the Cisco brewery.

Hummock Pond

Hummock Pond is home to the long Hummock Pond, Osprey, and arrowhead. The houses in Hummock Pond give clear views of the crystal blue water and are close to the beautiful Cisco Beach.

The area is subject to beautiful bird songs and sounds of the distant turf. This makes it one of Nantucket’s most serene places where you can connect with nature while still enjoying most of the town.


Singles and families alike will enjoy a stay in Surfside. You can enjoy your summer days in the snack shack and take a swim at the lifeguarded beaches. You can also go out exploring the neighborhood’s multiple side streets. Surfside is a great place to connect with fellow vacationers and local islanders alike.

Siasconset or ‘Sconset

This enchanting town is located off the island’s far east, just down Milestone Road. It has multiple pocket gardens and rose-covered sea shanties.

There are also meandering streets for a full day of fun and exploring. While at it, you can snack on some ice cream and baked goods or visit the shops and markets for shopping.

Middle Moors

This area is one of Nantucket’s less developed and less explored parts. It possesses a unique natural beauty that some see as the most attractive part of the island.

Middle Moors is in close proximity to the wild south shore and the island’s harbor beaches.


The western area of the island is widely known for its captivating sunsets. It also boasts miles of coastline, flowering moors, and a great view of the island’s starry night skies.

Madaket offers a lovely getaway away from the hustle and bustle of city life. It is, especially,  a haven for wildlife lovers who get to view and interact with plenty of minnows, hermit crabs, and other forms of sea life.


This picturesque neighborhood paints the perfect picture of coastal Americana. It features classic architectural designs, brick driveways, and tree-lined streets that create a wonderful ambiance.

The area is an elegant, family-friendly neighborhood with a community pool and multiple tennis courts. It is great for year-round living or easy summer living.


This is one of Nantucket’s highly sought-after areas with natural beauty. The area boasts of grassy cliffs and calm harbor waters on a beautiful coastline. There’s also a scenic bike path that leads to ‘Sconset and connects it to the rotary.


Those looking for escapism will find the answer in Squam, a desirable neighborhood that houses some of the grandest estates.

You will get the ultimate privacy in the area while getting a beautiful view of the ample coastline. Though It is far away from town, the area is still close to downtown Sconset and the luxurious Wauwinet Resort.

Tom Nevers

This neighborhood is perfect for family settings. It is close to a sandy shoreline and has many bikeable streets where children can enjoy themselves.

You can also see the Sankaty Lighthouse from certain viewpoints. Even better,  during the fall and spring seasons, you will be able to see whales on their bi-annual migration.


There are many beautiful parts of Nantucket you can explore. The neighborhoods are welcoming to everyone, even tourists, and are a great place for families to settle down. The island offers breathtaking views, a rich culture, and multiple beaches that let you enjoy your downtime basking in the sun.

Whether you are looking to find a calm, serene place to settle down or a nice summer visit, the island will suffice.