Pinwheels, Nantucket

April 12, 2023

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Pinwheels has long been one of the best places in Nantucket to purchase clothes, toys, and all the accessories children require. No matter the culture or age of your child, the store provides a wide collection of what they may need.

Expect to see all the eye-catching clothing brands you’ve ever seen and desired. The store stocks clothes for children of both genders and all sizes. Do not forget to take a glance at the toys too. There are tons of them, spoiling you for choice.

Looking at their customer service, it is quite commendable. Their staff is always warm and helpful. They will cheerfully help you pick the best attire and toys for your child.

Over three decades ago, Beth, the owner of Pinwheels, was looking for a way to settle in Nantucket for good. As fate would have it, she came across a children’s store up for sale. She quickly purchased it and moved to the island. Through it, she’s fulfilled children’s needs and fostered unity and good relationships in families.

According to her, putting smiles on children’s faces is paramount to Pinwheels. The appreciative look and the joyous mood that their clothes and toys give to children are what keep the business going.