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The Top 10 Nantucket Pizza Joints You’ll Love
September 13, 2022
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Nantucket is a small, inhabited island off Massachusetts’s coast. Because the town is a popular summer destination, it has a diverse selection of eat-outs, including pizza joints.

Nantucket is where to go if you want incredibly cheesy, spicy, or just plain old pizza. Each of the pizza joints serves a unique type and style.

We’ve compiled a list of Nantucket’s top ten pizza joints you ought to try out.

1. Pi Pizzeria

Nantucket Pi Pizzeria

Pi Pizzeria began as a small joint back in 2001. The pizzeria aimed to preserve the old and unique Neapolitan recipes. It is located at the heart of 11 West Creek Road in Nantucket.

This pizza joint in Nantucket is famous for its mouth-watering, wood-fired Neapolitan pizza. The pizza is prepared the Italian way, using the time-honored traditional method. It serves pizza and a variety of Italian and American delicacies.

Their pizza dough is freshly made every morning, enhancing its quality. This pizzeria also uses an in-house sauce made from imported San Marzano tomatoes. For cheese, they use mozzarella, which they make from scratch using fresh milk and grate it every morning for daily use.

Their most popular pizza flavors are Margherita, Fabulous Italian, Rustica, White clam, Gambella, and marinara. Their toppings are the same as those found on any Neapolitan pizza.

This pizzeria features an aesthetically beautiful dining area where you can enjoy your pizza. It is also filled with the tantalizing aromas of the wood-burning pizzas and the simmering Roma tomato sauce on the stove.

If you’re searching for a high-end pizza option, Pi Pizzeria is the place for you. You should note that they mainly operate during summer and close during winter, mainly from December to March.

2. Oath Craft Pizza

Oath Craft Pizza started back in 2015 in a small seaside shop at 44 Straight Wharf in Nantucket. They are renowned for their irresistible and creative pizzas.

Their joint’s mantra is to serve good pizza to the community so that every season could feel like summer. And true to it, they have maintained their unique recipes and quality pizzas. This has made them popular and contributed to their immense growth such that they keep opening more and more branches in the country.

Their pizzas range from the popular spicy mother clucker to buffalo chicken pizza. They also offer a wide range of vegan and gluten-free options. Some of which are banza and chickpea crust flavors.

The toppings on their pizzas are to die for. They include homemade sauces, wild Italian oregano, humanely raised proteins, fresh veggies, and Applegate.

Oath Craft should be on your bucket list if you enjoy trying new things. They constantly change their menu to make room for new inventions.

According to them, pizza doesn’t have to be boring, and this has been proven by their most recent additions: Chocolate chunk cookies and barbecue bacon breadstick flavors. Interesting, right?

3. Pizzeria Gemelle

It is a small pizza joint located in a tiny yellow house at 2 East Chestnut Street in Nantucket. This joint offers pizza, homemade pasta, salads, and fresh sides, e.g., fries.

Pizzeria Gemelle usually makes most of its ingredients in-house. Their mozzarella cheese is made from scratch, as well as its sauces. They mostly use olive oil and garlic-based sauces.

Their dough is left for up to three days to ferment, resulting in a thin and perfect crust. On it, they use fresh meat and mouth-watering sausages made in-house.

The joint offers various pizza flavors, including Salsiccia, Margherita, Cheese pizza, and Anabella. These pizzas are cooked in an imported Italian oven, which is then rebuilt from the ground up.

Some of the toppings found on their pizzas are clams, bacon, spring onions, potatoes, black ruffles, and sometimes runny eggs.

If you are looking for an upscale artisanal pizza where size is not an issue, ensure to check them out.

4. Steamboat Wharf Pizza

This pizza joint is located on Steamboat Wharf in Nantucket, popularly known as “The Strip.” It has served the Nantucket community under the same ownership for thirty-two years.

Steamboat uses genuine ingredients on the pizzas, enhancing their delicacy and quality. These include homemade cheese and a rich plum tomato sauce that enhances the pizza’s color.

Their specialty is cheese pizza, which comes in 12 and 18 inches. They are loaded with some of the best toppings, and you get to choose which ones you prefer. The toppings include extra cheese, pepperoni, sausages, barbeque, bacon, ham, black olives, buffalo, and chicken, among others. You can also order their delicious Caesar salad and a soft drink of your choice.

Steamboat is the only pizza outlet on Nantucket that sells pizza slices. The slices come in handy when you are in a hurry and want a quick snack fix. There’s also the alternative of purchasing the entire pizza.

The joint offer online services as well as walk-ins. However, home deliveries are only made during the summer.

On the downside, they don’t accept card payments. Also, this pizzeria operates mainly during the summers and closes around October to May.

5. Sophie T’s Pizza

It was launched at 7 Dave’s Street in Nantucket in July 2001 by its founders, Rob and Kelly. The pizza joint is a family-owned pizza shop and was named after the proprietors’ daughter, who wanted to open a New York-style pizza parlor.

The ambiance of the outlet gives a homey vibe and tight-knit kitchen coordination. It is a very casual place to chill with your family while enjoying some pizza delicacies. Popular flavors include white pizza, roasted chicken, balsamic, buffalo chicken, Margherita pizza, prosciutto, and arugula.

These delicacies are served with several toppings. You can choose toppings from the regular section or the premium section. The standard toppings include the usual pizza toppings, such as bacon, black olives, anchovies, green peppers, and pesto.

Their premium toppings include roast chicken, arugula, scallops, and prosciutto. They cost between $4 and $5.

Sophie’s T Pizza remains open all year round unless they state otherwise.

6. Foggy Nantucket

Like Sophie T’s restaurant, Foggy’s is also a family-based pizza joint. They offer not only pizza but also a full range of food items.

Foggy has tempting salads that are to die for. They are freshly made, according to order, and the dressings accompanying the salads are also made in-house.

They make and age their doughs to blend the flavors according to the restaurant’s needs. The foggy pizza joint specializes in two types of pizza; deep-dish pizza and thick-crust pizza. Toppings such as barbeque are made smoky and sweet. Their meats are smoked with hickory wood to enhance their flavor.

7. Shangri-La Kitchen

It is located at 149 Orange Street. The pizza joint serves their pizzas right next to sushi and dumplings if you so wish. The most intriguing aspect of Shangri-La Kitchen is the possibility of personalizing your pizza. If not, you can choose from their specialties.

Popular pizza flavors include classic cheese, Hawaiian, Arugula, and Greek pizza. All served with house sauces. The pizzas also come loaded with various toppings, such as sausages, broccoli, and pepperoni.

You can choose to either order takeout or dine in their restaurant. They offer home delivery at a cost.

8. Fusaro’s

It is located at 17 Old South Road in Nantucket, away from traffic. Though the joint is famous for its Italian pasta, it also offers equally good pizzas.

Their pizza specialties include:

  •       Tuscan chicken is a specialty that includes grilled chicken, gorgonzola sauce, bacon, and mozzarella cheese.
  •       Lungi has house-made sausages, mushrooms, cherry pepper tomatoes, and mozzarella cheese toppings.
  •       Anastacia contains mozzarella cheese, white truffle oil, cherry tomatoes, and wild mushrooms.

Their other toppings are the usual black olives, Nana Jean’s meatballs, and pepperoni. The pizzas are large, so they will leave you satisfied.

Fusaro’s has a great aesthetic dining area and an outdoor patio, perfect for family and friends to meet up. Unfortunately, they do not accept reservations. Online takeout orders and delivery services are available and featured on their website.

The pizza joint is open every Tuesday to Saturday.

9. Muse Pizza

Muse is located at 44 Surfside Road. It is a grab-and-go kind of pizzeria since the sitting area is limited. The pizzas here are large and have a thick crust with plenty of cheese on top to fully satisfy your cravings.

It might not be easy to find their menu online, so you have to go there and find out what they offer physically.

Muse Pizza is open daily from 12 p.m. to 1 a.m.

10. The Faregrounds

Faregrounds is the place to go if you want to watch a game while eating a cheesy 18-inch pizza. It comes with various toppings, including bacon, peppers, jalapenos, and spinach.

Alternatively, try one of their specialty pies, such as the Shepherd’s Pie pizza, with beef sauce, mashed potatoes, corn, and a burger.

Whether you’re having a drink with your mates or need a reasonably quiet dining area with family, Faregrounds has plenty of environments where you can enjoy your meal.

The casual eatery is easily accessible by car, bike, or foot and is located just a few minutes from downtown. It is open all year round.