Queequeg’s Bar and Restaurant, Nantucket: Unforgettable Dining Experience

May 18, 2023

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Queequeg’s is a contemporary American bar and restaurant on Oak Street, Nantucket. It is among the hidden gems on the island that you will be delighted to discover. However, on the outside, it blends in with its surroundings – it features the shingle -style typical of buildings on the island. Save for its quarter board and patio umbrellas, the restaurant goes easily unnoticed. The magic is on the inside! It is cozy, welcoming and features creative and unique decor.

The restaurant offers an impressive menu that is regularly updated to feature fresh ingredients. Experienced chefs create delicious dishes that will satisfy your taste buds. Their creations can best be described as a clever mix of home-style comfort foods and continental flavors. Among the most popular entrees include lyonnaise-style braised short ribs, day boat fluke, grilled sirloin steak, pan-seared Nantucket bay scallops, and Tuna tartar.

Rhubarb and granny smith apple tart, panna cotta, and chocolate chip walnut ice cream sandwiches feature on favorite desserts.

Queequeg’s should be among your top considerations if planning for a date. Besides its’ gratifying dishes, the restaurant is not crowded and features excellent customer service, which will likely impress your date. Their staff treat every customer with the utmost respect and are always on standby if you need anything. Depending on the year’s season, you may dine inside the restaurant or on the patio.

Adjacent to the dining area is a lively 9-seat bar where you can have your favorite beer or wine. If you are feeling adventurous, the friendly barkeep will cheerfully mix you a glass of one of their creative specialties depending on what you want.

To avoid disappointment, the restaurant requires you to reserve a table via its website before your visit. This will also give them sufficient time to prepare your order specially.