Rebecca Love: Nantucket Photographer

June 08, 2023

Rebecca Love Photography is the brainchild of Rebecca and Jonathan ( a husband and wife), who reside in Nantucket. The couple specializes in capturing timeless moments at special events such as weddings and engagements.

Their main objective is to snap honest moments in life. They love witnessing genuine smiles and belly chuckles while capturing beautiful moments.

Rebecca’s love for photography began while she was still young. Growing up, she used to take photos using her older sister’s camera. Many years later, she married Jonathan, who shares similar goals and talents.

The duo created the photography business and have had immense success. They’ve also experienced the most beautiful and wonderful moments they could have imagined. As a husband and wife, they know the value of preserving memories; that’s why they are committed to capturing their client’s moments through a lens.

On an idle day, the photography team would start by having a cup of coffee before heading out to take portraits of people and pictures of stunning places on Nantucket.
With their Nikon gear, they put in their best in every session.

Consider going for a shoot with Rebecca Love Photography to capture the magical moments you experience on the Island. Be it surprise proposals or family photos, they will always produce photos that you can proudly show off.

Customers often praise them for being excellent, kind, and easy to work with. Their work simply speaks for itself. They shoot beautiful and elegant photos in natural light, regardless of weather conditions.

Rebecca Love Photography has been in operation since 2010, and their expertise has earned them the Best Nantucket Wedding Photographers award three times in a row. They capture action shots beyond everybody’s expectations; you can use the pictures to tell your story.