Robert Foster Fine Art, Nantucket

April 22, 2023

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You may be surprised to realize that Nantucket has a vibrant art scene. Many people associate this island with its beautiful beaches, vibrant summers, and friendly locals, with less attention paid to its art scene.

Nantucket has several galleries and art hubs you should visit if you are into art. Robert Foster Fine Art is among the establishments that house the works of several homegrown artists. Let us give you a spoiler of what to expect when you visit this art spot.


You find Robert Foster Fine Art at 8 India Street, in Nantucket’s Historic Downtown. Its premises don’t scream art at first glance, and you may easily pass it for an ordinary store. However, its essence will capture you once you enter its doors.

You may also get in touch with this art hub via its website. The site boasts a simple style for easy navigation, and you can view artwork by various creators. These include John Devaney, Anita Bierings, Alison MacDonald, Anne Rose, and Jessica Sosebee, among many others.

You can look up their works online and their prices.


This art gallery holds various art events. You should check out its event schedules, where you may meet with renowned artists and other art enthusiasts.

Consultation Services

The art experts at Robert Foster Fine Art offer consultation services. They will advise you on art acquisition and de-acquisition, installation, and more. Contact the establishment to book an appointment.

Awards and Accolades

Robert Foster Fine Art has been around for slightly over a decade and has been the recipient of numerous awards. The awards include Cape Cod Life Magazine’s Reader’s Survey Award for Nantucket’s Best Art Gallery, which it has won five times. It has also won Nantucket’s Inquirer and Mirror’s Reader’s Survey for Nantucket’s Best Art Gallery multiple times.