Samuel Owen Gallery, Nantucket

May 26, 2023

Samuel Owen Gallery displays contemporary and modern art by upcoming and established artists.

The gallery’s founders, Lee Milazzo and Cindy Lou, have two decades of experience in the art industry. They are dedicated to fostering a connection between New York City’s thriving art scene and the local community.

Samuel Owen Gallery’s main aim is to capture the spirit and vitality of our time by promoting fine craftsmanship in society. It is committed to assisting artists to establish and build their careers. The gallery showcases a collection of impressive art styles from innovative and renowned artists.

The Gallery features iconic artwork from Star Wars tributes by Dale May and Coca-Cola prints by Cey Adams. You will also find excellent work from artists like Charles Patrick, Bob Gruen, and Franco DeFransesca.

Consultancy services and suggestions are offered at the gallery on how to buy and invest in art. Whether you are an art lover or collector, consider strolling around the gallery for visually stunning and mentally stimulating works.

Additionally, the Samuel Owen Gallery holds various events throughout the year, including artist talks and special exhibitions.

The gallery has become an ideal destination for art lovers since its establishment on Nantucket. Besides its Nantucket location, Samuel Owen Gallery is also found in two other places: Palm Beach, Florida, and Greenwich Connecticut.

Samuel Owen Gallery is open all year round, but its operational hours may change depending on the time of the year. Step inside and enjoy outstanding contemporary and modern art from all over the globe.