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Sayles Nantucket
October 13, 2022

Seafood is a signature cuisine in most islands or areas near the sea, and Nantucket is no exception. Where do I get fresh seafood in Nantucket? It is a question many people new to this island have as they source for their fave delicacies straight from the ocean.

The number one place to look at is Sayles Nantucket. Located at 99 Washington Extension, Nantucket, this fish store boasts a variety of fresh and frozen seafood. It specializes in Nantucket Bay scallops, Atlantic sea scallops, and Native Nantucket lobsters.

Additionally, you may pick some scoops of the homemade Nantucket chowder, which you may use in various recipes. You can order tuna, swordfish, mussels, and clams by contacting the store.

More good news from this store is that you can buy ready-made fish. On the menu are fried fish, clambakes, and lobster dinners, which you eat from the waterfront deck with a lovely ocean view.

Sayles Nantucket will cater to parties and other gatherings. Call in advance, organize the menu you want, and have it sorted. Follow the store on social media to keep up with its updates.