Sconset Bluff Walk, Nantucket

March 22, 2023

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Sconset Bluff Walk has been open to the public and offering a one-of-a-kind experience on Nantucket for approximately 130 years. Sconset village is where the path begins, and from there, it winds around the bluff and the stately mansions in the direction of Sankaty Head.

Sconset Bluff Walk

Explore this two-mile out-and-back path. It’s a quick and simple trip that only takes about 40 minutes on average. Although many people use this path throughout the day, you may still find peace and quiet if you go during less busy times. Views of the seashore are stunning from this path. Because it passes through people’s backyards, this road has the distinction of being a “Public Way” that few others share.

If you are paying attention, you won’t have too much trouble finding the entrance. Start the Sconset Bluff Walk by walking north on Front Street (a pleasant route in and of itself) and turning right onto an old paved path shortly before the street curves left.

On the journey, you may read informative signs telling you about the area’s past. Because of corrosion over time, the trail is now at its conclusion at Baxter Road. Either side is fine to begin the stroll.

Though you may feel like you’re trespassing at times, as long as you stay on the trail, you’re perfectly legal. Nantucket developer and resident William Flagg predicted, back in 1892, that the bluff-side parcels he was building would be highly sought-after. He made up for it by including a public path and a right of way in the deeds of all the properties in the region so that the area would remain accessible to the public.

Nantucket Sconset Bluff Walk

No pets, bicycles, or jogging are permitted. Be mindful of the residents who live close to the route.

While there isn’t any designated parking, there is plenty of accessible street parking in the area. The route is sometimes quite narrow and uneven. While the scenery is stunning, those with mobility issues would have difficulty exploring the area.