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Ships Inn Nantucket
October 19, 2022

Picture getting immersed in luxury as you get a dose of Nantucket’s history! This is a reality with Ships Inn Nantucket, a historic marvel with spacious rooms and a calm environment. You will find this establishment tucked at 13 Fair Street, two blocks from Historic Main Street.

What should I expect from Ships Inn Nantucket? If you are an adventurer, this inn will quench your curiosity. It is a historic landmark on the island, and you can learn more from it. The establishment came to be in 1831, the work of Obed Starbuck, a whaling captain. The rooms get their names from the ships under the captain’s command.

Besides sleeping quarters, you have a fully-stocked restaurant at your disposal, with a full bar. In the rooms, you have flat-screen television and free internet access. You can get some coffee and breakfast at the restaurant.

The menu is impressive and includes vegetarian options. You can have the house salad, beet salad, or maple-cured house-smoked salmon for the first course. The cauliflower soup or shrimp gumbo is also a fine starter.

You pick from the vegetarian risotto, rigatoni with duck Bolognese, grilled swordfish, or grilled king salmon for the main course. It is usually open from May until mid-October.