Siam to Go, Nantucket: Thai Cuisine and Snack Bar

May 15, 2023

Nantucket’s food scene is pretty diverse, with numerous restaurants on the island representing various cultures. You will surely get plenty of exceptional food on this island.

Siam to Go is where to be if you are craving Thai food. This restaurant is a darling among Nantucket residents judging by its rave reviews. It has been around for some time and is found inside the Nantucket Ice Rink, another prominent attraction on the island.

The location has a simple design, which is easy to overlook until you sample its delicacies. The seating benches are spacious, and you can comfortably occupy them with a group of friends or family.

A restaurant is as good as its menu is a statement that rings true for Siam to Go. Its doors open at 11 am from Monday to Friday, and you can check in for early lunch. You should try their famous soups with various degrees of spiciness if you want a light meal.

The hot and sour soup and chicken is an excellent meal to hold you until dinner, comprising of  Chinese mushrooms, tofu, bamboo shoot, and Chinese lily. Alternatively, you may go for egg drop soup, chicken in coconut milk soup, shrimp wonton soup, or miso soup. Pick a preferred hotness level from 1-5 if you love spicy food.

Try the Thai House salad made from lettuce, cucumber, carrot, red onion, and tomatoes if you want a salad. A homemade peanut sauce dressing ties all the ingredients together.

Nam sod is another excellent option, consisting of ground pork, scallion, mint, fresh chilies, red onion, ginger, and crushed peanuts. A fresh lime dressing completes the salad.

Other options include ice noodle salad, pia gai, and larb.

Check out the fried rice and noodle menu if you prefer a heavy lunch or dinner. Start your meal with appetizers like Thai crispy spring rolls, crabmeat Rangoon, chicken satay, fried tofu, or vegetable tempura.

Fried rice options include pineapple, mango, drunken, and Thai fried rice. For noodles, you may ask for sesame, drunken, See You, lo mein, and lad nar. There are also vegan fried rice and noodles alternatives.

Siam to Go’s entrée menu has options like garlic sauce, Thai-style egg fu yung, General Tso’s chicken, pepper steak, and cashew nut. Vegan and gluten-free choices are also available.

Additionally, you may order brown or plain fried rice with mango, pineapple, massaman, panang, red and green curries. For sides, you may choose from jasmine rice, sticky rice, peanut sauce, soy ginger sauce, and many more.

Complete your meal with desserts like sticky rice with fresh mango, fried ice cream, Thai iced tea, or organic mint green tea.

Remember, they open at 11 am on weekdays and are closed during weekends and holidays. If you cannot physically access it, Siam to Go handles home deliveries.