Steamboat Wharf Pizza, Nantucket

May 16, 2023

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Every town has that local restaurant that has operated for the longest time in a particular place. In Nantucket, Steamboat Wharf Pizza is one of those paces. For over three decades, it has diligently served locals and visitors on the island.

The restaurant is known for its mouthwatering thin-crust pizza prepared with authentic ingredients. Apart from pizza, they also serve various salads, sandwiches, a rich plum tomato sauce, and a house cheese recipe that keeps customers around year after year.

Steamboat Wharf has you covered whether you need a whole or by-the-slice pizza. It is open from 11 am till late at night; thus, you may visit the establishment for lunch or dinner. It also allows customers to order in advance and pick up at the shop. Alternatively, you can order a delivery to whichever location on the island.

Another intriguing feature of the restaurant is its warm atmosphere. Its location on the water provides an appealing view of the harbor. Since it also provides outdoor seating, friends and family can have a memorable time at this spot.

The restaurant is highly praised by locals and visitors alike for its unique and friendly services, delicious, large & fresh sizes of pizza, and stunning waterfront view. Also, it is located at the heart of downtown, making it easily accessible and convenient.

If you love pizza and beautiful waterfronts, Steamboat Wharf Pizza should be on your bucket list whenever you visit Nantucket. However, ensure to carry cash as they do not accept any other form of payment.