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The Beet Nantucket
October 24, 2022
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You wouldn’t be wrong to describe The Beet Nantucket as the soul of healthy dining on this island. The establishment has a fantastic menu that features salads and other healthy dishes. Your doctor or nutritionist may as well recommend passing by this joint once in a while.

Currently, The Beet is open five days a week, from Tuesday to Saturday. You can pop in and enjoy some of their delicacies, including beef tenderloin, fish poke, chicken burger, and brioche beignets.

Additionally, you can sample the various drinks available. The curated cocktail or wine perfectly accompanies most dishes offered at The Beet. You may also try out beer. If you want some flavor on your salads, you can go full swing on a hearty bowl of soup.

The outdoor patio is an excellent place to dine, whether you are on a date or want some alone time. The interior is also great, with friendly staff making your stay worthwhile. 

This eatery handles deliveries. Contact The Beet Nantucket to make an order.