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The Chicken Box Nantucket
September 19, 2022
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Also known as “the box” to the local islanders, this popular facility is arguably Nantucket’s number one spot for Drinking, Dancing, and Debauchery. The Chicken box boasts a legendary following of a young crowd in their twenties. The popular dive bar is a watering hole for the locals rather than a tourist attraction and comes alive during the summer.

What is the History of the Chicken Box?

What started as a tiny southern-fried chicken shack more than 50 years ago is now a popular must-visit tourist attraction. The tender, crispy, succulent chicken made this place famous and worth visiting for some soul food. While the Box is no longer a haven for fried chicken, it is open all year round and prides itself on providing great music, good times, ice-cold beers, and signature cocktails.

Born and raised in Kentucky, Willie House launched The Chicken Box in the food scene, which has evolved into a low-key, relaxed, fun spot attracting droves of locals and tourists from all walks of life.

Thanks to Willie’s booking connections back in New York, many A-list musicians made appearances at the Chicken Box, including the sensational Muddy Waters. This chic spot is nothing short of a memorable experience from local bands and international acts playing Blues and Jazz.

In the mid-1970s, Willie sold the Box to patron Robert Reed, also known as “Cap’n Seaweed,” who made a bold move of introducing Reggae to the playlist. In recent years, legendary names such as Bob Marley and The Wailers have staged some of the most iconic performances at the club. Other A-list musicians who’ve made their debut at the Box include Revivalists, G.Love, Matisyahu, Galactic, Trombone Shorty, Lettuce, and Blues Traveler.

A trio of friends now run The Box: John Jordin, Thomas “Packy” Norton, and Anthony “Rocky” Fox, who bought the bar from “Cap’n Seaweed” in 2000. The trio has since upheld the establishment’s heritage and added a smoking deck. They’ve also ensured the bar is handicap-friendly.

Where is the Chicken Box Located?

The Chicken Box is located in Nantucket at 16 Dave Street across the street from Stop & Shop and is open daily from noon till 1 am.

It’s worth noting that entry into the club is restricted to 21+-year-olds. Also, don’t arrive before 10 pm if you don’t want to be disappointed but expect a long line at the entrance past 11 pm.

You can check the calendar for upcoming events, book your ticket, buy a t-shirt online on the restaurant’s website, or dial 508-228-9717.

What to Expect When Visiting the Chicken Box this Summer

The facility has repurposed its parking lot at Dave Street into an eccentric ambiance. There’s a beer garden with rustic picnic tables perched on artificial turf. If you prefer to escape the sun, you can dine on the covered porch, previously a smoking deck.

Rumor has it; that they’re returning to their roots so that you can expect their famous fried chicken. Even better, you’ll get to sample their impressive special treat: the fried chicken sandwich.

So, what should you not expect at The Box this summer? The mega-events have been canceled in the face of the pandemic. But, this doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a great time. The Box is re-inventing its summer experience, so you can look forward to creating new amazing memories.