The Club Car, Nantucket

April 10, 2023

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The Club Car, a landmark Nantucket restaurant, is no longer a spot where you can get a grilled cheese sandwich or a bowl of chowder; instead, it is decorated with ferns and has soft blue booths.

Over the Memorial Day weekend of 2017, the restaurant officially reopened its doors at One Main Street with a redesign that was both sophisticated and casual. The redesign combined the building’s historic railway car and antique elements with eclectic, modern materials to create a fresh and inviting environment for both locals and visitors.

The Club Car Restaurant is conveniently placed just a few blocks from the ferry. This establishment has live music in the form of a sing-a-long piano bar vibe, beverages, and an inviting ambiance. Their fusion food takes ingredients from a melting pot of traditional American culinary skills and combines them with elements from other countries and sometimes molecular gastronomy. They source from as many local farmers as possible and are dedicated to building long-term ties in our community.