The Gaslight, Nantucket: Treat Yourself to Delightful Live Music and Tasty Meals

June 20, 2023

The Gaslight Nantucket is a premier restaurant and bar known for live music and good food. A sister restaurant to the renowned Nautilus, it is the best place to have a good time and enjoy the company of others. It serves fantastic dishes through the early evening, later giving way to live music from some of the most sought-after musicians from within and outside the Island.

The restaurant is a renovated small movie theatre. It comes with a nostalgic interior with fixtures reminiscent of the past. It’s designed with moody colors and edgy botanic wallpapers for a vintage jazz feel. The restaurant’s intimate atmosphere makes it the best place to unwind after a long day or hang out with and amaze a prospect.

Its food is inspired by Japanese cuisine and incorporates local ingredients from the Island’s bounty. It also has a creative selection of drinks with unique combinations to match the food. The drink program utilizes natural and organically produced products. The list of drinks consists of rotating craft beers on tap, a range of fresh cocktails, and fun and funky natural wines. The restaurant also boasts of the island’s only Champagne machine.

The Gaslight is a creation of some of the most talented and visionary culinary entrepreneurs. These include Stephen Bowler, Clinton Terry, Liam Makey, Callie Kever, and Caleb Cressman.

Stephen Bowler runs the overall operations of the Gaslight. Liam Makey is mainly in charge of the cuisine, while Caleb Cressman and Callie Kever curate the restaurant’s music and entertainment.

While most live music shows are free, some are ticketed, whereby tickets are sold on the restaurant’s website. Either way, the house handles all bookings and ensures every act suits the audience. The space is all about the ultimate music experience with the performers and the fans in mind.

The Gaslight is an ideal place to host glamorous private events for up to 140 people. It also has a patio that can host around 40 people in a private event during the warmer months. Whether hosting a graduation, fundraiser, engagement, sporting event, or any other occasion, you can rely on the place for a customized hosting package. Feel free to ask them to include all your personalized needs on food, drinks, music, or any other special requirement.

Do you need help with gifting a loved one on their special day? A Gaslight gift card is worth their time. The restaurant allows you to buy a gift card worth between $25 to $9,999, delivered through email or sms. The high-level quality of service makes it the best place to create memories for your loved ones.

Most of the visitors to the restaurant are impressed by their professional staff. They are known to offer fast and impeccable service and are attentive and patient enough to explain the menu. They also suggest what meals and combinations to try and are knowledgeable of any possible food allergies. Even though most guests come for either the food or music, in most cases, they enjoy both due to their complementary nature. Such stellar services have made The Gaslight one of the most highly-rated restaurants in Nantucket.

While the restaurant allows walk-ins for guests, you are better off making a reservation. It takes two weeks of reservations for up to 7 guests and 30 days in advance for a group of more than eight guests. You can make the reservations online or through a phone call.