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The Nantucket Pharmacy
September 19, 2022
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When you picture a pharmacy, you most probably think of a counter, shelves, medicines, and an attendant. Well, that’s what most pharmacies are like, but not this one in Nantucket. It offers much more than a typical pharmacy.

For starters, the pharmacy adopts an old-school design, complete with swivel chairs and a high countertop. The setup is a fun throwback if you are a fan of history.

You can sit on one of these chairs and order bacon, frappe, grilled cheese, and onion bagel, among other delicacies. The homemade ice cream and hotdogs are especially tasty!

Once your stomach is taken care of, you can buy whatever you need. Be it prescribed medicine, painkillers, vitamins, or personal effects such as shampoo. There’s also candy, gifts, and toys.

The pharmacy’s easy accessibility, enchanting atmosphere, excellent service, a wide range of items, affordable prices, and delectable foods make it a well-liked pharmacy in Nantucket.