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The Proprietors Nantucket
September 21, 2022
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NOTE: The restaurant is usually open from April to October.

Proprietors Nantucket was launched in 2013 by the former owners of American Seasons. It incorporates Nantucket’s whaling history, creating an atmosphere that takes you back to when sailors would return home with the fruits of their travels.

The eatery has a versatile cuisine inspired by dishes all over the world. You can enjoy a rich history of the world through their global cuisine, showing you the best of Nantucket’s protein and seasonal produce. They have a full menu to choose from, and based on their multiple positive reviews, it is a place you should definitely visit.

The eatery also does event planning, using its 20 years of hospitality experience to spice up your event. They cater to both private and corporate gatherings, whether big or small. 

Reach out to them at [email protected] to book an event. They have a wide gallery that you can use as inspiration when planning an event. Make sure you make a reservation early, with at least a week’s notice if you are a group of more than 4, to secure your position. If you are less than 5, making a reservation 30 days in advance is better. 

The bar and table eatery joint serve a variety of foods. They have an extensive menu filled with bigs, smalls, sweets, and delectable cocktails that you will definitely enjoy. They also take into consideration different dietary requirements. Pay a visit or make an online reservation to the Proprietors Bar and Table to enjoy the best that Nantucket has to offer.