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Tom Nevers Beach Nantucket
October 13, 2022
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  • Location: 51 Wanoma Way, Nantucket

A less crowded beach is a dream for many people who want to walk on the sand with minimal disturbances. This dream can become a reality when you visit Tom Nevers Beach, Nantucket. It also goes by Pebble Beach, probably due to its coarse nature.

It is a great place to visit in the afternoons if you want some alone time. You can set up a picnic site with a loved one on this beach, as long as you are careful not to litter. The beach has no lifeguard; as such, you have to exercise utmost care.

You may come to Tom Nevers Beach for surfcasting in the evenings to try your luck with the fish. Parking is limited, so you should have prior arrangements when visiting this beach.