Tree Bar, Nantucket: Phenomenal Outdoor Dining Experience

April 27, 2023

Nantucket is famous for many things, including its unique cuisine. Your Nantucket experience is incomplete without a food tour. There are several restaurants and eateries on this island where you can sample its cuisine.

The Tree Bar is among the notable establishments where you can taste Nantucket’s food and culture. The first thing you will notice about the Tree Bar is its location under a tree, which explains its name. The tree branching contributes to its uniqueness, making it stand out from other restaurants.

As an adventurer, you will appreciate the ambiance the Tree Bar exudes. It has outdoor spots where you can chill out during hot afternoons as you observe the town’s hustles and bustles. This joint’s location in the Downtown Historic District is a key appealing factor courtesy of its accessibility.

The Tree Bar is an excellent spot for a date. It has a simple yet classy design that will show off your taste to your invitee.

The food is impressive, and as earlier mentioned, it gives you a taste of Nantucket’s cuisine. This joint opens around 11 am, meaning you can check in for late breakfast or early lunch.

The Tree Bar’s breakfast options include steak, eggs, and a buttermilk fried chicken sandwich with a preferred beverage. Alternatively, you may go for the traditional breakfast sandwich, comprising eggs, bacon, fries, cheddar, and Irish brown sauce.

Rolls are the most popular snacks on the menu. You may pick the spicy tuna, California, 1/3-pound, tempura shrimp, or salmon roll. For lunch, you can go simple with various salads like kale Caesar, ramen salad, and Caprese salad. You should try out the delicious clam chowder served with oyster crackers.

After a long day, pass by this joint for a beefy snack like the half-pound burger or short rib beef taco. Chase the meal with beer, wine, or a cocktail.

Besides the amazing food and laid-back essence, the Tree Bar’s staff is efficient and friendly to ensure you have an excellent time. Additionally, it is a highly photographable place where you can take unique snaps to share on social media.