Tupancy Links, Nantucket

June 12, 2023

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  • Location: 157 Cliff Rd, Nantucket, MA 02554, US

Tupancy Links is home to the best view Nantucket can offer. If you have never had a moment to enjoy a sunset, then this is your destined place. Visit with friends or family and experience a beautiful sunset with a great ocean-side view. People also love stopping at this place for bicycle tours and to walk their dogs.

Tupancy Links is a former nine-hole golf course donated by Mr. and Mrs. Tupancy. The 73-acre land was donated to preserve the natural beauty that the place holds and avoid further development. Tupancy Links, between Nantucket Harbor and Cliff Road, offers a great view of the island’s north shore. Much popularity of the place has also risen due to its exceptional dog-walking trails.

The property was part of the Nantucket Golf Course and the first golf club on the island since 1921. A few years after it became operational, the course was transformed from a nine-hole to an eighteen-hole.  But the future is always unpredictable.

Mr Tupancy, a talented golfer, accumulated a lot of money and acquired the property. He operated the golf course, closing it to play in 1953. He and his wife, Sallie Gail Harris Tupancy, later donated the property to the Nantucket Conservation Foundation. To date, the vast grassland habitat is monitored and maintained by the Foundation.

Soon after their generous donation, Mr. and Mrs. Tupancy went further to grant another piece of land for the Foundation staff residence. There is a greenhouse on the Foundation’s conservation lands, and indigenous plant species and organic vegetables are grown in this garden.

The Tupancys did not give this gift, thinking it would emerge as a popular dog-walking area on Nantucket. However, the Foundation’s policy has always been; “open to all,” making people see the land as an important place to socialize and do other refreshing activities.

When you enter the property, you will find a large parking lot and a Cliff Road bike path. You can leave your car and explore the property on foot or bike.