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Windmill Car Rental, Nantucket
October 12, 2022
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When in Nantucket, you will need a means of transport to help you access the various parts of the island. If public transport or taxis do not sound suitable, renting a car is ideal. In the long run, it’s cheaper than taxis and more convenient. What’s more, it will help you save time, explore more places and feel like a local.

One of the best car hire service providers is Windmill Auto Rental, thanks to their affordable prices, excellent cars and convenience. They are located at the Nantucket Memorial Airport; thus, you can get a car as soon as you fly in. Alternatively, you can call them and have the car ready and delivered to your desired location.

Depending on your needs and preferences, you get to choose from various cars, including small cars, SUVs and Jeeps.

Bookings can be made when you arrive or even days before your visit. The company’s staff is friendly, professional and very much helpful.

The car rental service provider maintains all its cars in a top-notch condition such that they are clean, have low mileage, and are ready to go whenever you need them. Better still, the vehicles come with paid-for beach access.

After you are done using the rented car, you are required to drive it back to the Windmill’s office at the airport. If you need transport back to where you were or need to go, the company will organize it.