Windswept Cranberry Bog, Nantucket

May 03, 2023

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Nantucket is among the most popular travel destinations for people who want an extraordinary adventuring experience. The main attractions of this island are mesmerizing beaches, calm weather, and friendly locals. When you think you have exhausted Nantucket’s niceties, you discover more. The Windswept Cranberry Bog is one of the lowkey attractions that you should check out.

Cranberries are a significant part of Nantucket’s history, with their cultivation dating back to the mid-19th century. Cranberry cultivation has been one of this island’s main economic activities for a long time. Windswept Cranberry Bog is among the handful of certified organic bogs in the country and is run by the Nantucket Conservation Foundation.

This bog has been around since the early 1900s and covers approximately 231 acres, including the Stump Pond. The Stump Pond is an artificial structure built to flood the bog and is under the joint ownership of the Nantucket Conservation Foundation and the Land Bank.

Presently, the bog is no longer functional, courtesy of a decision by the Nantucket Conservation Foundation’s board of trustees in 2019. The decision addressed various concerns, primarily the economic and climate-related changes affecting cranberry cultivation. The other reason was concerns about water quality within the Nantucket Harbor watershed.

The Windswept Cranberry Bog’s retirement allows for the wetlands’ restoration and the rejuvenation of valuable flora and fauna in the ecosystem. As the restoration project continues, you can tour this bog to learn about cranberry cultivation in Nantucket.

Though this attraction lacks defined walking trails, it is easy to find your way courtesy of its worn paths. There is also ample parking space to leave your car as you venture out.

It is an excellent place to take an early morning or late afternoon walk. You may opt for guided tours or go for a solo walk. The Stump Pond is easily accessible from the bog and has trails that pass through dense forests of old trees.

You can take unique photos of the surroundings if you are into photography. The walkthrough of Windswept Cranberry Bog and the adjacent Stump Pond will be exciting for family and friends.