Young’s Bicycle Shop, Nantucket: Well-Maintained Rental Bikes, Cars, and Jeeps

May 31, 2023

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Exploring Nantucket using a bike is highly recommended. Numerous bike trails on the island wind through breathtaking places with plenty of leisure activities you can engage in. If you are visiting the island, carrying your bike may be burdensome; thus, renting one is advisable. On this, Young Bicycle Shop has you covered. It rents out well-serviced bikes, cars, and jeeps.

Young’s bicycle shop has operated since 1931, making it one of the oldest bike rental shops on the island. Harvey A. Young, its founder, initiated the idea of building a “Cycle-Logical Way to See Nantucket Island” He successfully created a business that enables visitors and locals to experience the best of the island at an affordable cost.

Since it is a family business, the shop has been passed down his lineage over the years. Currently, Jasper Young, his great-grandson, runs the business. He began working in the shop when he was 12 years old, learning how to handle the business from his father. In January 2023, when the business was officially handed over to him, Jasper had acquired enough experience and skills to uphold the family’s legacy.  Like his predecessors, he continues to provide superior bikes and unique customer service.

The shop provides prompt follow-up service, with complete road assistance. You also get a map to help you easily navigate Nantucket. Besides providing direction, it can help locate eateries, washrooms, and places to explore, among other crucial information you may need on your adventure.

To make their customers feel safer and secure, the shop ensures all bikes and automobiles are cleaned and regular check-ups are done. You can easily access their services near Steamship Authority, Nantucket Whaling Museum, historic Main Street, and the Hi-Line Boat Line.

To learn more about Young’s Bicycle Shop, visit their website. While at it, ask about their customized, variable rental rates. It caters to your specific schedule; thus, you will likely spend less.